Instructions for Amateur Radio Operators to upload N3FJP Logging stats to this site

The N3FJP Logging software has a feature that allows the logging software to upload contest status to a web site so that the status can be viewed online.  This is a feature that Scott Davis, N3FJP added for people that may leave the contest site but still would like to keep up to date as how things are going.  Below is an example of what the software will upload.  This page would be viewable

The first part of the page indicates how current the information is.  This information is actually from 2019.

You can have a message that people can read providing some information about the site.

Here is where current statistics can be found.

Further down the page you would find the most recent contacts that was made.  This is configurable as to how many contacts would be displayed.

The next image is an example of what the summary page would look like.

The title line shows the club name with the contest that the summary is for with the total accumulated score.
The second line indicates how current the statistics are.

Then we have the callsign of the hams affiliated with the club that I have configured to be displayed on this web page.

Each callsign is a hyperlink to show that ham’s summary page that was mentioned above

Now let’s start up one of the N3FJP logging programs to show you how to configure it to upload the web summary to the web server.

Now that the program is up and running, you will now need to display the Settings menu.

You will see that the third option from the bottom is Web Upload Contest Status…  If you hover your mouse cursor over top of that, a sub menu will appear.   You will want to click on the N3FJP HTML Formatted option.

The first entry field is your web page title for example VE3LON VE80LAN Status.  Replace VE3LON with your own callsign.

Next you can enter in a message for anyone that views your status page.  You could indicate the band that you are currently on.  Or that you are operating outside and willing to have visitors at social distance.
Next make sure that Upload web page to the following site: has a checkmark in the box.

FTP URL of Your Hosting Site will be

Your Hosting Site User Name is LARCuser

Your Hosting Site Password is LARC4ever!!!
Yes there is 3 exclamation marks at the end.

File Name on Website can be anything you like but I would suggest {Callsign}-contest.html.  For example, Dave McCarter might have his file name as VE3EI-contest.html.  There is no need to change this file name for future contests.  This way I don’t have to change the configuration on my end for any future contests.  Please let me know what filename you decide on so I can get you configured into the Club Score Processor program.

You could change the text and background colours if you like.

Text file for packet distribution does not need to be checked.  This is a file that would be sent by packet radio which isn’t used, to my knowledge, in London.

Upload Frequency is the time period in minutes that your statistics is uploaded to the website.  This upload will only occur when the logging program is running.  I will leave this to your discretion as to how often.  Recent Contacts would be how many of the last contacts made that you want to display.  Default is the last 10 contacts but you can change this whatever you would like.

Make sure Include Score Statistics is checked as this is one of the purposes of this web page.  You can have Include Current Frequency (if known) checked as well but it is not necessary as it might be blank unless your radio is interfaced with the N3JFP logging software.

When you have everything configured, click on Upload Now.  If the upload was successful, the Enable Automatic Upload check box will automatically get checked.  Now everything is all set for automatic uploading of your statistics based on your upload frequency.  You can now click on Done to closed the Web Contest Status Uploader configuration.

If you close the logging program and then start the program again, this configuration will be remembered but it doesn’t hurt to check it to make sure.

I also started other N3FJP logging programs and most of the Web Contest Status Uploader was already pretty much configured.  So if you have uploaded to my website before using a different N3FJP, your logging software should already be configured and all you need to do is click on the Upload Now button.

If you need further assistance, I may be by the following means.

Email - Email Addresses

Call or text – Phone Number – If you call, please leave a message as I may be working.

And of course, you can try calling me on VA3LON

I do have a few laptop computers that can be made available.  These will be sanitized before delivery.

Have fun and stay safe.  I look forward to seeing everyone’s statistics.

John Visser, VA3MSV